Web Sites

files and folders

Web sites are nothing more than a collection of documents and folders. These files and folders can also include graphics, sounds, movies, and other files. Web sites can come in many different shapes and many different sizes. Web sites can be personal , informational, television, educational or any other combination. If you want to publish a web site online, it has to be uploaded to a server for others to have access to it. Specialized software is used to transfer the files from your computer to the host's server.

Advantage of web publishing

The currency advantage:
The web's currency advantage over print publishing lies in the ability to quickly and inexpensively update Web pages.
The Interactive advantage:
A well-design Web site should include tools that enable its visitors to engage in interactive, two-way communication with the site's publisher.
The Cost Advantage:
As a Web designer, you can incorporate colorful designs, photographs, and text into a your Web pages at a cost similar to or less that for print media.
The Delivery advantage:
Delivering information over the Internet and the Web can be significantly faster and less expensive than using print media.

Basic Web design principal

Balance and Proximity:
From the perspective of design, balance is the harmonious arrangement of elements. Balance, or the absence of balance, can significantly affect the effectiveness of a Web page to express its message.
Proximity, or closeness, is strongly associated with balance. Proximity, as applied to Web pages, means that you should place elements that have a relationship close to each other.
Contrast and Focus:
Contrast establishes focus, the center of interest or activity. A Web page needs a focol point, which is a dominating segment of the page, to which visitors' attention will be drawn.
Unity and Visual Identity:
The combination of design elements identified with the site and its publisher. Web sites must have unity, or a sense of oneness or belonging, to create and maintain the site's visual identity.